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The Spot at Southland Mall is a community inspired room available to organizations interested in hosting activities, workshops, group classes and more. Non-profit and charitable organizations can also utilize the space for fundraising initiatives at no cost to their organization. With The Spot's community-inspired room, the possibilities are endless. The space can be customized to host a wide range of events.

The Spot is available most Sundays from 12pm to 5pm for board gaming. The Spot is also used on most Sundays by The Pegagus Gulf, a group of wargaming enthusiasts who host Warhammer 40K, Kill Team, Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and other miniatures-based gaming.

The Spot
Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What types of games are played at The Spot?
A variety of board games and miniatures games are played. Limited only by table space and time. Designer board games, wargames, strategy games, and card games are just some of the types you might see at The Spot.  When planning your day of gaming there are a few things to consider:
      (a) Mature Subject Matter
            The Spot is a family friendly place. Games that might offend (ex. Cards Against Humanity, Trial by Trolley, etc) are not suitable.
      (b) Table Space
            Please be considerate when choosing your table area.
      (c) Time
            The Spot closes at 5pm so plan your time accordingly. You want to be able to finish your game, pack up, and leave by 5pm.

(2) Who should make use of The Spot for gaming?
You should attend if you enjoy playing games and enjoy the social interaction of the hobby. The space is used by experienced players, casual players, and people new to the hobby. The number of people and the types of games being played will vary.

(3) Does it cost anything to use the space on Sunday?
There is no entry fee or cost to use The Spot for gaming on Sunday when the space is available.
The Pegagus Gulf gaming group does have terrain that can be rented for miniatures games like Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warcry, etc. Prices and payment are available at The Spot on Sundays.

(4) Is there scheduled gaming?
Usually no. This is a drop-in location.
That said, sometimes there will be scheduled gaming hosted by The Pegasus Gulf or other gaming groups. Those will be posted in this forum for The Spot.

(5) Are there board games available to borrow?
Yes, there is a small library of board games that can be used at The Spot. These are not to be removed from The Spot.
You are welcome to bring your own board games, too.

Venue & Event Information

Southland Mall
2965 Gordon Road
Regina, SK  S4S 6H7

Age Limits
This is a family-friendly community venue. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian or adult.

Food & Beverage
The Southland Mall has several places to eat at the Food Court within the mall.

Free parking available at the Southland Mall.