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Dinner & Dragons is a series of local tabletop RPG events held in Regina to bring the opportunity to play with friends, try out new games, and give people a welcoming space to try for the first time as well. A portion of the proceeds go to charity with every event or the event is free for groups who would benefit from it being free, such as children, etc. This organization is run by a group of table-top RPG fans, dungeon masters, and we are always looking for support from local people, businesses, and community.

Dinner & Dragons
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great imitative! How do I get involved?

There are two ways you can be involved:
(1) As a player at one of our events.
(2) As a GM if you are an experienced GM.

The primary source for all information regarding Dinner & Dragons (including our events) is our Facebook page. Go to Dinner & Dragons. Head over there to learn more and to contact us if you want to be a GM at one of our upcoming events.

When and where are your events held?

The location of our events vary. Previous events, for example, have been held at The Studio in the Cornwall Centre and at Birmingham's Vodka Ale House.

We tend to alternate our events between children-friendly events and adults-only events. We hold events 3 - 4 times a year.

Can Dinner & Dragons raise money for a charity I support or help me raise funds?

No. Our Executive Board makes the decisions. The charity we support with an event is always posted with the event details.

Can Dinner & Dragons help me find a RPG group to join?

Helping players find GMs and helping GMs find players is not our focus, but if you are in Saskatchewan there is an active Facebook group called 306 Dungeons & Dragons that exists bring players and GMs. Go to 306 Dungeons and Dragons, introduce yourself, let people know if you are a player or a GM and whether you are looking for a in-person game or an online game.