Feature Friday - Southside Pentecostal Assembly - Friday, February 17, 2023

Started by Allan Luesink, February 08, 2023, 08:53:37 PM

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Allan Luesink

Hi everyone,

Many people ask me what is my favourite game. My answer for quite some time has been Brass: Lancashire. Published in 2007, even now few other games can rival it. In 2018 a sequel to it, Brass: Birmingham, was released that turned out to be even better than the original.

So, which one to feature? Well let's start with the original and we'll feature the sequel another time - though I will have my Birmingham copy available to play.

Brass: Lancashire is an economic strategy game in which you take on the role of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire, England during the industrial revolution. The game begins in a time when canals are the primary means of bulk transportation but ends in an age overtaken by coal consuming trains. Through it all you will seek to make timely investments in developing, building, and establishing your industries and shipping network so that you can capitalize on the new demand for iron, coal and cotton.

!!! If you have a game you'd like to play and draw some attention to, feel free to volunteer for future Feature Game slots. Just drop me a note at feature_friday@hotmail.com.

Feature Friday meets at Southside Pentecostal Assembly (41 Birchwood Rd) from 7pm to midnight.  There is parking and an entrance at the back of the building. A snack table will be set up so feel free to contribute a drink or something to munch on.  And feel free to bring along friends (and to forward this invite).

Hope you'll be there,