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Prairie Game eXpo is a brought to you by ComicReaders with support by SaskGames.  Prairie Game eXpo is an initiative to host a thrice-annual game day that is welcoming to existing hobby enthusiasts and people new to gaming. This is an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet and greet and enjoy designer board games, miniature games, family games, and role-playing games. Prairie Game eXpo is held at a great location with food and beverage service. The style and types of games are as varied as the people who play them. This is an opportunity to get involved in a very excited and rewarding hobby.

ComicReaders is more than comics! We have two locations in Regina that are dedicated to gaming: board games, collectible card games, and miniature games. We are proud to bring you Prairie Game eXpo, and to prove it we will be attending each event to game with you and your friends. ComicReaders will sponsor specific tournaments and gaming sessions at Prairie Game eXpo. We look forward to gaming with you!

SaskGames is an initiative to grow and strengthen the gaming community in Saskatchewan. The SaskGames Web site was launched in August of 2010 and has seen steady growth in membership and activity. It is an umbrella site that works to connect various groups and individuals involved with the hobby.

WA WA SHRINERS (Regina motor patrol)
Fun, Family, Philanthropy.

Venue Owner
Regina Shrine Club

Event Owner
This event is co-owned by the owners of ComicReaders South and ComicReaders Downtown.

Dana Tillusz
Chad Boudreau

Moderators for this section of the site
There are a number of volunteers behind Prairie Game eXpo. The individuals who are responsible for the Prairie Game eXpo section on SaskGames are:

Chad Boudreau
Dana Tillusz
Brad Boileau
Mike McCallion

There are a number of volunteers that serve as Ambassadors for Prairie Game eXpo. Ambassadors can be identified at the event by their special name badges and their friendly, helpful personality. Ambassadors meet you at the door and help you get registered. Ambassadors also will be teaching games at scheduled times. Ambassadors are in place to answer any questions you may have about the event. These events could not occur without the support and hard work of these individuals.

Learn To Play Instructors
There are a number of volunteers that serve as Learn To Play Instructors for Prairie Game eXpo. Learn To Play Instructors teach games at scheduled times.  They might not be able to answer all your questions about Prairie Game eXpo but they will help you have a good time with the game they are showcasing. Learn To Play Instructors are generally long-time supporters of SaskGames' ongoing events. These events could not occur without the support and hard work of these individuals.

Contact Information
Contact Chad Boudreau at ComicReaders Downtown for general inquiries and media requests.

2065 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK  S4P 2E1
(Downtown Regina across from SaskPower)

Age Limits
Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian or adult during these events.


Food & Beverage
WA WA Shriners will be running a canteen with hot food, snacks and beverages. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase after 4pm.

Food service begins at 11am and ends at 7pm.
Menu includes hot and cold drinks, snacks, hot meals.
Cash only. ATM on site.

Free parking is available across the street at SaskPower.

Prairie Game eXpo
Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How did this event come into being?
Chad Boudreau and Dana Tillusz thought there might be enough interest to hold a quarterly game day. The result is Prairie Game eXpo, a 12-hour gaming event based on the same values and principles of SaskGames.

(2) Who should attend a Prairie Game eXpo?
People who enjoy playing games and enjoy the social interaction of gathering to play a game. These events encourage all levels of experience; whether you have been playing games for years or are just interested in learning more about the hobby. This is a non-competitive, family-friendly environment.

(3) Do I have to be a member of SaskGames to attend?
No, but we would certainly encourage and welcome you to join the community. There are a number of benefits for joining, and you know what; it is FREE!

(4) What is an Ambassador?
Ambassadors are the people that plan and bring you Prairie Game eXpo. A small group that has worked to create the literature, advertising, and running of the event. They really hope you enjoy the event and that you will come out for more. You can spot an Ambassador by the dark green name badge. They love to get feedback on what is working well and what might need some tweaking or improvement.

(5) What is a Learn To Play Instructor?
Learn To Play Instructors are the wonderful individuals who offer to host and teach a game or host a specific game event at Prairie Game eXpo. A great way for you to experience new games is to sign up for a game being taught or demonstrated.  Featured games and game specific events are listed in the event on Be sure to thank your Learn To Play teacher, without their time and devotion, the feature games would not occur.

(6) Who decides which games are featured?
The Prairie Game eXpo Organizing Committee, which is comprised of Dana Tillusz, Chad Boudreau, Brad Boileau, Mike McCallion and the Prairie Game eXpo Ambassadors.  We want this event to be a warm, welcoming event to people who have played games for years and also to people new to this hobby. So we start by choosing games that can be taught in less than 30 minutes and played in less than 2 hours. We then look at specific interest groups within the gaming community and decide which should be approached to feature their specific game. The featured games and the games related events will differ at each Prairie Game eXpo.

(7) Can games other than the feature games be scheduled?
If you are bringing a game, we encourage you to schedule it. You do that by posting in the thread that you are bringing game "x" and a time you would like to start playing. Additionally, it is a good idea to give people an idea of the playing time and how many players. One of the Ambassadors will add your game to the scheduling area on the top post to help create visibility. When people schedule and sign up for games, it really lets people prepare by reading the rules in advance and preparing for play. Not necessary, but certainly recommended.

(8) How are Learn To Play Instructors?
Learn To Play Instructors are generally long-time supporters of SaskGames' events. They are known for their friendly demeanor, love the hobby, and ability to teach the games they enjoy. We are always looking for people interested in becoming Learn To Play instructors so make sure you introduce yourself to one of the Ambassadors at the event. Another way for us to get to know you is to attend our Meeple Monday events.

(9) Can I bring my own games to a Prairie Game eXpo?
Certainly! This is a place to gather and play games; we certainly could not do that without games. That said, please only bring a few games. Our events are well attended and space might be limited. We want the space to play games as much as possible. We don't want tables and floor space used to house people's personal board game collections.

(10) Is there a place I can leave my jacket, games, and other personal items?
The venue is a large public space. There are no secure locations for the storing of personal items, including games. You are responsible for your own belongings. WA WA Shriners, ComicReaders, and Prairie Game eXpo volunteers are not responsible for your property, nor are they liable should your property go missing.

(11) I have heard there are prize draws? Is that true?
Yeppers. There are door prizes. When you arrive, sign-up at the registration desk with your first and last name and a contact phone number. Door prizes will be drawn randomly from the list of registered attendees.

(12) What's up with the name badges?
Games only come alive and become fun when you add friends. Strangers become friends by getting to know each other and that all starts with a name. The name badges are part and parcel with keeping this event friendly and welcoming. Your name badge will have your first and last name. Also, it makes it much easier for the awesome volunteers to help the people taking part in gaming events.

(13) I do not really know anyone. How hard is it to get involved?
No worries. Come on out. The group is very welcoming and you will be making friends and playing games in no time. If you have any questions, look for one of the event Ambassadors and they will assist you. They are the folks with the dark green name badge. The first person you meet when you step in the door to register and get a name badge will be able to help you!

(14) Sounds like you guys put a lot of work into this, why do you do this?
Games are an enjoyable hobby that simply must be shared. It is heart-warming to see the hobby grow and watch communities form. Perhaps there is a little magic in getting people to switch off their TV for awhile in order to gather around the table and share in a fun, engaging experience.

(15) Can I bring a bunch of games to sell at Prairie Game eXpo?
You cannot sell games at Prairie Game eXpo. There is a strict no transactions policy at Prairie Game eXpo. (The exception to that rule is buying food from the provided menu services.) There are no vendor tables and our space is at a premium. You are welcome to trade games with other players but work out the details in advance. That way you can simply bring the games you are trading instead of a large bundle of games.

(16) When is Prairie Game eXpo?
Prairie Game eXpo is scheduled three times each year. The specific dates and locations will be announced well in advance on and in the ComicReaders stores.

(17) What is the difference between OPEN and SCHEDULED gaming?
Open gaming is when you show up and just see what is available to play. It has the benefit of not adhering to a schedule and you are free to come and go when you please. The first time you come to a Prairie Game eXpo, our Ambassadors will try to get you involved in a game. There are times, though, that all games will either be full or in progress. One of the reasons we encourage people to sign up on is so attendees can schedule some of their gaming in advance. It helps people maximize their day of games. The scheduled games will all indicate their start time and approximate playing time. Feel free to sign up for a posted game and time or ask to have a game scheduled that you would like to run. That said, this is a drop in style event and people come and go as they please picking up a game as they can when they get there.  Sometimes individuals will show up and may need to wait for either a group of existing players to finish and/or for new players to arrive before getting to play something.  Players don't necessarily need to bring their own games to attend.

(18) So, do people eat at these events?
Of course! When you buy food from the concession and canteen they run, you are supporting all of the wonderful things they do in the community. We ask that you eat your food in the designated zone just outside the gaming area. With our attendance levels on the rise we want to keep the gaming area free for gaming. Also, most people don't want food slopped on their board games!

(19) I am a member of another gaming organization / gaming club. Can I promote my club / organization at Prairie Game eXpo?
Prairie Game eXpo will not have space for vendor / exhibitor / club / organization tables. The majority of the space will be used for gaming tables. The remaining space will be for a registration table, an information table for our partner SaskGames, and a handful of tables set aside for eating. Also, in keeping with the Prairie Game eXpo desire for a friendly and supportive gaming atmosphere, we ask that members of clubs and organizations not actively promote their clubs and organizations during Prairie Game eXpo. People attend Prairie Game eXpo to play games, not listen to a sales or marketing pitch.

(20) Can I use Prairie Game eXpo as an opportunity to fundraise for my a charity event?
Prairie Game eXpo is a free event and will attract a wide range of gamers. A focus on fundraising for any charity would distract from the core purpose of Prairie Game eXpo: Enjoying and learning more about the hobby of gaming.

(21)I am a game designer and will be demoing / promoting / playing my game(s) at Prairie Game eXpo. Can I sell those games at Prairie Game eXpo, too?
You cannot sell games at Prairie Game eXpo. There is a strict no transactions policy at Prairie Game eXpo. (The exception to that rule is buying food from the provided menu services.) You are welcome to demo, play and promote your game but you cannot sell your games at Prairie Game eXpo. But definitely contact ComicReaders if you have a finished game. ComicReaders might be interested in stocking your game in our stores.


By attending Prairie Game eXpo, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct described below. Anyone failing to do so may be asked to leave Prairie Game Expo. Multiple infractions may result in the individual being banned from Prairie Game eXpo or any other events sponsored / hosted by ComicReaders.

Outside Food & Drinks
No outside food & drinks allowed in the venue. All funds raised from food and beverage sales will go towards charity. Water bottles are permitted.

This is a non-smoking environment. Designated smoking areas can be found outside the venue.

Theft / Vandalism
The police will be called if anyone is caught stealing or vandalizing the property of anyone at Prarie Game eXpo or any property belonging to the Wa Wa Shriners. 

Gaming Code of Conduct
ComicReaders and SaskGames expect certain behaviors from people attending events hosted by ComicReaders and SaskGames whether those events are in the ComicReaders stores or at external locations. By attending such events, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with this code of conduct. The code of conduct we adhere to is adopted from one published by People that do not conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this code of conduct have been asked to leave ComicReaders and SaskGames events, and, in rare cases, have been permanently banned from said events.