Announcement: Future Of SaskGames

Started by SaskGamesAdmin, February 08, 2023, 11:03:46 AM

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We are pleased to announce will continue to operate thanks to support from ComicReaders, a locally owned and operated business in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Executive Board of SaskGames is pleased to announce funding has been secured to keep operational for a period of one year. During that year, will remain operational and will continue to be a destination to promote tabletop gaming in the province of Saskatchewan. This good news does not immediately solve or even lessen other challenges: A shortage of volunteers, lower attendance at established events, the loss of gaming space both public and private, and a perceived lower interest in groups assembling for large gaming events are realities and continue to be on the mind of the Executive Board of SaskGames and ComicReaders.

We are pleased will remain operational because it is a platform that supports the community's efforts. The Executive Board of SaskGames and ComicReaders' personnel will use this year to encourage an interest in public tabletop gaming events in Saskatchewan. We will try to build new relationships with gaming groups and strengthen relationships that already exist. We will encourage the use of as a key destination for posting and learning about gaming events within the province. And we will continue to provide a safe online space for sharing a passion for this hobby.