Seeking Playtesters - Cogent Roleplay - Community Release Candidate

Started by tbrminsanity, February 06, 2023, 07:15:04 AM

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When: 17-20 Feb 2023 (1-2 sessions each 2-3 hours long)
Where: Virtual through Discord
What: Cogent Roleplay is a TTRPG that was created by Jazza and Shad Brooks (Table Top Time, and Shadiversity respectively).  The design of the game puts more focus on storytelling over the rules and can be picked up in less than an hour (even by people new to TTRPGs).
The Cogent Roleplay Community has put forward a challenge to its members to create the next Community Release Candidate (RC) for the TTRPG system and my RC is ready for testing.  If you are interested in participating in one or more sessions over the February long weekend, please PM me and I'll get you access to the RC and your schedule.  There will be 4 options (Player's choice) for the game test:

  • Faerie Tale: Where you will play a random faerie tale character.
  • Cyberpunk: Based on TTT's REBOOT.EXE setting.
  • Fantasy: Based on TTT's Sunder setting.
  • Super Hero: Based on DC Universe Online setting.
Have fun, play games!