Changes to the SaskGames Charity Iniative (Formerly Play With Your Food)

Started by Lori, March 21, 2022, 02:20:03 PM

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Hello, everyone!

At the beginning of the year, Matt Robertson, who many know was instrumental in the creation of SaskGames and Play With Your Food, asked if SaskGames would consider returning the use of the "Play With Your Food" event-name and branding to him. He stated that the original event, before SaskGames, was an homage to the memory and legacy of his mother. Matt wrote, "One of her last acts of charity before passing was baking cookies that she delivered in person to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission and I want the name and brand to continue that legacy." The executive agreed, and "Play With Your Food" will no longer be the name used for SaskGames fundraising.

Since SaskGames has shifted to a broader, more community-based charity, we will re-brand our initiative accordingly. It's been a long delay, but once we are able to start holding events again we will re-establish our fundraising program to better suit this community approach. We look forward to your support in our endeavours to continue the important legacy of helping vulnerable people in and around Regina.

SaskGames has evolved considerably since its beginnings, and we are proud of the inclusive, supportive environment that we have built together.  While it's been difficult not having a home for our regular events since the pandemic began, rest assured we will be back!  We're not going anywhere.  We fully intend to resume events the moment that we're able, and we appreciate your patience while we work behind the scenes to make this happen.  We are as eager as you are to get back to public gaming!