DC Deck Building Game Tournament - Prairie Game eXpo - January 17, 2015

Started by Dana_Tillusz, November 24, 2014, 04:35:33 PM

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DC Comics Deck Building Game Tournament

Where: Prairie Game eXpo
When: Saturday January 17, 2015
Start: 4:00 pm

Maximum Players:

There are 3 rounds to the tournament. They consist of:
- 1 Preliminary Round (4 table of 4 people recommended)
- 1 Semi-Final Game (2 tables of 4 people)
- 1 Championship Game (1 table of 4 people)

Tournament Format

We will run 4 tables with 4 players, each will play 1 game. The 2 players with the most points from each table will move on to the second tier.

Those 8 players will go on to play a Semi-Final match - 2 tables of 4 players.

The winner from each table moves on to the Championship match, for a final game of 4 players. The winner of the Championship match will get the grand prize: A limited edition PGX "Tournament Winner" mug!

Time limit: No game will go longer than 45 minutes.

If we do not make our 16 player roster we will make amendments on the fly.




Cryptozoic is sponsoring this tournament! All participants will be receiving a Martian Manhunter promo card!!!

This promo allows you to select Martian Manhunter as the Super Hero that you represent during the game. Martian Manhunter's ability is:

If you play two or more Villains during your turn, +3 Power.
If you play two or more Heroes during your turn, +3 Power.


Cryptozoic has sent us more promos for the tournament! All participants will be receiving a Martian Manhunter promo card and a Starfire promo card!!!

As with every other hero, Starfire grants a special ability to the player, which in this case is: "Once during each of your turns, if there are no Super Powers in the Line-Up, draw a card."


We had 9 players for our DC Deck Building Game tournament.

Congratulations to Amanda Dearborn! And to our other 2 finalists Logan D & Jamie M!