Carcassonne Tournament - Prairie Game eXpo - January 17, 2015

Started by Dana_Tillusz, November 24, 2014, 03:47:13 PM

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Carcassonne Tournament

Where: Prairie Game eXpo
When: Saturday January 17, 2015
Start: 12:00 pm

Maximum Players:

There are 3 rounds to the tournament. They consist of:
- 1 Preliminary Games (4 table of 5 people)
- 1 Semi-Final Game (2 tables of 4 people)
- 1 Championship Game (1 table of 4 people)

Tournament Format

We will run 4 tables with 5 players, each will play 1 game. The 2 players with the most points from each table will move on to the second tier.

Those 8 players will go on to play a Semi-Final match - 2 tables of 4 players.

The winner from each table moves on to the Championship match, for a final game of 4 players. The winner of the Championship match will get the grand prize: A limited edition PGX "Tournament Winner" mug!

Time limit: No game will go longer than 60 minutes. After one table has completed their game the other games must be concluded within 15 minutes (but we will allow at least 60 minutes to complete your game).

If we do not make our 20 player roster we will make amendments on the fly.




Z-Man Games is now officially sponsoring The PGX Carcassonne Tournament!

All participants will receive a free Carcassonne Blank Tile sheet!

The winner of the tournament will get choice of (2nd-4th will follow with choice):

Carcassonne Winter

Carcassonne: The School

Carcassonne: Festival

Or 1 Carcassonne meeple plushie



We hit our 20 players and had a great tournament!

Congratulations to the winner Damien Ryall! And the other top table players: Wendy J, Matt R & Tyler P!