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Kickstarter Corner

Some of us are just crazy for Kickstarter, and some just don't even know what it is, so I'm making this thread to bring you the updates to the latest interesting or popular releases on the ever-growing crowd-sourcing platform. You can keep up to date and look into what is coming down the line, pledge yourself, or organize a group buy.
Use this thread to share some of the other KS projects that you are looking forward to as well!

Current Projects


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*Only stretch goals that add value to the game over what one would get in the retail version of the game will have a 'yes' in the stretch goal column.

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Past Projects

All of the completed projects we've listed in this forum, successful and unsuccessful alike.

Town of Salem - The Card Game
by BlankMediaGames

by Mindclash Games

by Paranoid Miniatures

Cavern Tavern
by Final Frontier Games

The Game Canopy
by Level 3B

The Game Canopy
by Level 3B

by Looney Labs

Rum & Bones: Second Tide
by CoolMiniOrNot

by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

Evolution: CLIMATE
by North Star Games

Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia
by CoolMiniOrNot

Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG
by Richard Thomas

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past Board Game
by IDW Games

Karmaka – A tactical card game
by Eddy Boxerman

Club Zen & Don't Get Eated: The T.C. Petty Experience
by Dice Hate Me Games

The Pursuit of Happiness
by Artipia Games

Tiny Epic Western
by Gamelyn Games

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction
by Minion Games

XenoShyft: Dreadmire
by CoolMiniOrNot

GG: A mind dazzling card battle game
by Gizco International

Secret Hitler
by Max Temkin

by NSKN Games - LudiBooster

by Ryan Laukat

Arcadia Quest: Inferno
by CoolMiniOrNot

The Banner Saga Warbands
by MERCS Miniatures

Cthulhu Wars : Onslaught Two
by Sandy Petersen

by Jamey Stegmaier

THE 7th CONTINENT - Explore. Survive. YOU are the hero!
by Serious Poulp

The Others: 7 Sins
by CoolMiniOrNot

The Draco Magi Expansion
by Robert Burke

Treasure Hunter
by Queen Games

Scoville: Labs Expansion
by Michael Mindes

CatTube Famous
by CatTubeFamous

One Night Ultimate Vampire
by Bezier Games

HSD Core:Extended
by Pierce Fraser

Ninja Camp
by Action Phase Games

World War Cthulhu
by Dominic McDowall - Cubicle 7

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
by Grey Fox Games

Carson City Big Box Edition
by Paul Mulders

The Gallerist
by Gryphon and Eagle Games

Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society
by Andrew Federspiel

Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma
by Nerdcore Medical

Zombicide: Black Plague
by CoolMiniOrNot

Beast: the Primordial Prestige Edition
by Richard Thomas

Epic Card Game
by Robert Dougherty

Ether Wars: A new dice based RTS Boardgame
by Ether Dev

Random Encounter
by Joyride Games

by Jumperound

by Succubus Publishing

by Travis

by Richard T. Broadwater

Salvation Road
by A.J. Porfirio

Defenders of the Last Stand - Adventure Board Game

by Dennis Hoyle

by Chris Cieslik

Shogun Big Box
by Queen Games

Crop Cycle 2015
by Trevor Lehmann

Gruff: The Tactical Card Game of Mutated Monster Goats
by Studio Woe

The Evolution Game System
by North Star Games

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss
by CoolMiniOrNot

Millennium Blades -- The CCG-Simulator Board Game
by David B. Talton Jr.

Cuisine a la Card
by InMotion

The Costume Shop: A Horror Comedy Adventure
by Tyler Mann

Champions of Hara
by Leaf Pile Media

Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPG
by Marissa Kelly

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame
by Sandy Petersen

Three New Treasure Chests of Realistic Resource Tokens
by Jamey Stegmaier

Boss Monster: The Next Level
by Brotherwise Games

by Mr. B. Games

Ninja All-Stars
by Soda Pop Miniatures

Best Treehouse Ever
by Jason Kotarski

Wizard's Academy
by 3DTotalGames

Chaos of Cthulhu
by Imp House, LLC

Wizards of the Wild
by Adam West

Adorable Pandaring
by Chris Cieslik

Dwarven Forge's Modular City Builder Terrain System
by Dwarven Forge

Tumblin' Dice
by Gryphon and Eagle Games

Wings of Glory Miniature Game - Giants of the Sky
by Ares Games

Brewin' USA
by Adam Rehberg

by Stephen S Gibson

Burgle Bros.
by Tim Fowers

by J L Fairclough

Hands in the Sea
by Knight Works

Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business
by Outlaw Miniatures, LLC

DRAGOON - The Action Strategy Game of Dragons!
by Lay Waste Games LLC

The Thunderbirds Co-op Board Game
by Chris Birch, Modiphius

Bottom of the 9th: A Dice & Card Game of Classic Baseball
by Dice Hate Me Games

Ninja Dice: Kage Masters
by Greenbrier Games INC

Above and Below- Storytelling Board Game
by Ryan Laukat

The Red Dragon Inn: 5
by SlugFest Games

Blood Rage
by CoolMiniOrNot

by Allen Chang

Between Two Cities
by Jamey Stegmaier

Ghostbusters™: The Board Game
by Cryptozoic Entertainment

~✩☆ Pixel Tactics DELUXE! ☆✩~
by David B. Talton Jr.

Story War: Sentinel Conflict
by GreaterThanGames

by Wesley Lamont of RAEZ

Rum & Bones
by CoolMiniOrNot

by Seth Hiatt

Artifacts, Inc.
by Ryan Laukat

Captain's Wager
by Grey Fox Games

Steampunk Rally
by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

Raid & Trade
by MAGE Company

Stockpile: The Stockmarket Game of Insider Trading
by Nauvoo Games

Roots: A Game of Inventing Words
by Predicate

Operation F.A.U.S.T.
by Robert Burke

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
by Foxtrot Games

Dead Drop - A Pub Series Game
by Crash Games

Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters
by Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games

King Down
by Saar Shai

BOMB SQUAD - an Intense Cooperative Real-time Game
by Tasty Minstrel Games

Skyway Robbery
by Philip duBarry

Galaxy of Trian
by CreativeMaker LLC

Dead Men Tell No Tales
by Minion Games

Nautilus Industries
by Michael Friesen

by MAGE Company

Clockwork Wars, a fantasy-steampunk war game
by Eagle Games

Agents of Smersh 2nd Edition
by Jason Maxwell

Asking for Trobils
by Christian Strain

by Jason Kotarski

ERA: A New Civilization Game
by sjlykowski

Dead Man's Draw
by Seth Hiatt

by LudiCreations

Hostage Negotiator
by A.J. Porfirio

AquaSphere by Stefan Feld
by Michael Mindes

Zombicide: Season 3
by CoolMiniOrNot

Antidote - A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality
by Dennis Hoyle

Tiny Epic Defenders
by Gamelyn Games

HARBOUR - Master markets in a fantasy port
by Michael Mindes

The Captain Is Dead
by The Game Crafter

Penny Press
by Chris Cieslik

Treasure Chest: Realistic Resource Tokens for Board Games
by Jamey Stegmaier

Forge War: Blacksmithing and Dungeoneering
by Isaac Childres

Progress: Evolution of Technology
by NSKN Games - LudiBooster

Dust: Operation Babylon
by Dust Studio

XenoShyft Onslaught
by CoolMiniOrNot

Albion's Legacy
by Lynnvander

Transylvania: Curses & Traitors
by Loren Cunningham

Stratagem, an Abstract Strategy Board Game
by 6th Gear Games

Yardmaster - Rule the Rails!
by Crash Games

Linkage - A DNA Card Game
by John Coveyou (Genius Games)

THE AGENTS RETURN - The Double-Edged Card Game
by Saar Shai

Heavy Steam
by Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games

Minion - Epic & Hilarious Card Game!
by Daniel Eichler

Custom Game Dice - You Design
by Custom Game Lab

Dogs of War
by CoolMiniOrNot

Allegiance: A Realm Divided
by Underground Games

Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock
by Ed

by Jason Glover

Westerly: The Threeboot
by Analog Evolution Games

Creative Clash: A Card Game
by The Infantree

Pleasant Dreams: A Card Game of Nightmares
by Aerjen Tamminga

MERCS: Recon
by MERCS Miniatures

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King
by Soda Pop Miniatures

Coup Reformation - Kickstarter Edition
by Travis

Pay Dirt, designed by Tory Niemann of Alien Frontiers
by Crash Games

Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture
by Jamey Stegmaier

Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game
by Herschel Hoffmeyer

by MAGE Company

Town Center 4th edition
by LudiCreations

Tower: A Board Game of Buying and Building
by Ben Haskett

by Funforge LLC

Pijin: Flock, talk & unlock the sensory puzzles of speech
by Travis Feldman

Arcadia Quest
by CoolMiniOrNot

Dungeon Scroll
by Game Salute

Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game
by Cheapass Games

Heroes Of Metro City: Sidekicks & Storylines
by 3Some Games, Inc.

Heroes Wanted - a tactical board game for 1-5 heroes.
by Action Phase Games

oddball Aeronauts: Pirates vs. The Pendragon
by maverick:muse

Lagoon: Land of Druids
by David Chott

Zeppelin Attack!
by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat

Query the Game
by Phoebe Stephens

Ryan Smith's CITY
by Jean-Paul Lapointe

City of Aldenheim - Complete adventure-location pack
by Forge of Realms

by Game Salute

Terrene Odyssey: Battle Card Game
by Chris Solis

Draco Magi
by Robert Burke

Scoville - The HOTTEST farming euro game ever!
by Michael Mindes

This Town Aint Big Enough For The 2-4 Of Us!
by Michael Mindes

Zombie 15'

Fief - France 1429
by Uwe Eickert

Tiny Epic Kingdoms
by Gamelyn Games

by Fridgecrisis Games

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition
by Bezier Games
Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


QuoteA new land has been discovered! As the ruler of your own tiny kingdom, this is your big chance to expand your territory and (more importantly) make some serious gold. But the rulers of the other nearby kingdoms have also learned of this new land, and they're gathering their troops for battle! Prepare for all-out war as you try to build bigger villages than your neighbors... no matter what it takes!

Villages is a casual rummy-style card game with a competitive edge. The rules are simple--collect 3 or more cards of the same color and lay them down to build a village. Build bigger villages than everyone else to earn more gold!

But not everybody likes to play nice. If another player's village contains a card you'd like to have (or if you're just feeling mean!), you can fight them for it in a one-on-one duel. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, so a knowledge of each unit's unique abilities (and a little bit of luck) is crucial to winning the battle and taking home the prize.

How you decide to play is up to you, but one thing is clear: the only way to send your rivals packing is to be the first to earn 100 gold coins. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire?

Villages supports 2 to 5 players and takes between 30 minutes and an hour to play.

QuoteYou've been hired by the town of Scoville to meet their need for heat. To do so you'll have to plant, cross-breed, and harvest the hottest peppers.

While the gameplay is simple, the strategy is complex. Players will race to be the first to plant and harvest the best peppers, so that they can be the first to fulfill the most valuable recipes.

Each game of Scoville is played over a series of rounds. Each round has the following phases:

AUCTION: Players will choose and reveal their bids simultaneously. The highest bidder will choose their desired place in the turn order. Then the next highest bidder will choose, and so on. Once players have chosen their turn order spot, in turn order they will choose one of the Scoville Fundraising cards and obtain the pepper cubes shown on the card.

PLANTING: In turn order each player will plant one pepper in the fields next to the existing peppers. The Town Mayor may award bonus points if they planted exotic peppers.

HARVESTING: In REVERSE turn order players will move their pepper farmer meeple up to three spots in the fields. For each location where they are between two planted peppers, those peppers will cross-breed. That player will harvest the cross-bred peppers and add them to their supply.

FULFILLMENT: In turn order players have the opportunity to fulfill one Market Offer and complete one Chili Recipe. These are completed by turning in the required peppers. Players may also sell one type of pepper per round as an extra source of income.

What really makes Scoville special is the harvesting mechanic of the fields. Each turn players can move their pawns up to three spots through the fields. At each spot they can harvest the cross breed at that location. This is the main way that players will strategically obtain the peppers they desire. It is also the main interaction in the game since all players work in the same field and cannot occupy the same location as any other player.

It's the simplicity of the mechanic that makes the game easy to learn and play. And it's that same simplicity that provides the depth of strategy so that you make the right decisions in the game.

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List



QuoteMyrgos, the powerful and benevolent Dragon King has passed into the next world after an extended illness, and the land is now gripped with uncertainty.  As the laws of succession dictate, only one of his remaining apprentices can rise to the position of "Draco Magi".

With the death of the Draco Magi, the wizard-lock on the succession strongbox of each apprentice has completely dissipated. Inside each box, an apprentice will find a succession scroll. Contained on the scroll is the last piece of knowledge required to become the Drago Magi. But only one can claim the title.

Each scroll holds a different "Spell of Succession" that may only be executed with the correct combination of rare gems. These magically imbued gems only appear in sets of three during times of succession and must be collected by dragons at the command of each apprentice. The competitor who is first to collect the gems needed to complete their Spell of Succession becomes the new Drago Magi.

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


QuoteUltimate Werewolf is an interactive game of deduction for two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. The Villagers don't know who the Werewolves are, and the Werewolves are trying to remain undiscovered while they slowly eliminate the Villagers one at a time.

The game is incredibly simple: Each player gets a card which indicates their team and their special role, while one of the players acts as a moderator to keep the game running smoothly. Each day and night, the number of players gets smaller and smaller until either all the werewolves are voted out, giving the victory to the village team, or the werewolves equal (or exceed) the number of villagers, allowing the werewolf team to win.

What results is an incredibly engaging game of lies, deception and trust. Most people who play Ultimate Werewolf once can't wait to play again. And every game is different, as there are dozens of special roles for both teams which can help out their side in a variety of ways.


A new artist, Jade Holt, was commissioned to do the background of the cards to give them just the right feel for the game and also to provide diagrams for the rules. And the graphic design of the cards was totally redone to make them feel more modern, yet still capture the right atmosphere for Ultimate Werewolf.

The rules have been rewritten and reformatted to make them easier to read and reference. The scorepad has been redesigned. The backs of the cards have been entirely redone. The card stock has been upgraded.

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List



QuoteWhat does 4x mean!?

It means eXpand, eXplore, eXploit and eXterminate and usually only shows up in games that cost $50+ and take 2hrs+ to play. Well not anymore! Tiny Epic Kingdoms has all the strategy of a traditional 4x game without the cost or the long playing time. Tiny Epic Kingdoms is only $16(plus shipping) and takes only 30-60 minutes to play.

In TEK, you are a tiny kingdom with big ambitions. You want to expand your population throughout the realms, learn powerful magic, build grand towers, and have your neighbors quiver in fear at the mention of your name. The conflict? All of the other kingdoms want the same thing and there's not enough room for everyone to succeed...

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List



QuoteExperience frantic 15-minute game sessions as you play a group of 2 to 4 teenagers running for their lives, while trying to discover the truth about the sudden outbreak that turned their parents, teachers and all of the other grown-ups into gruesome brain-eating monsters!

The game is played in real-time, and begins at the start of the soundtrack. At your turn, you can take a total of 4 actions.

- If there are no zombies in your area, you can move: It takes one action to move to the next tile, or to go in or out of a building.
- When you are in a building with no zombies, you can take one action to Search for new weapons or equipment. A quick search lets you draw the 3 top cards of the Search, but that puts you at risk of accidentally stumbling on zombies. Alternatively, you can do a careful search, by looking one by one at the cards in the discard pile until you choose one to keep.
- Revealing and taking a scenario token from the board also takes one of your four actions.
- You can fight zombies in your area by decreasing the ammo (or durability for non-firearms) of a weapon, and removing as many zombie figures from the board as the damage value of the weapon. If you're using a noisy weapon, one of those zombies joins the Horde. You can fight multiple times if you like, but each attempt costs one of your four actions.
- Whether or not there are any zombies sharing your space, you can spend one action to use an item.

After spending your four actions, you must be able do fend off zombies around you with one of your weapons; if the Fend Off value of your weapon is lower than the number of zombies in your area, you lose a Life Point. 

Every 60 seconds, a zombie growl can be heard in the soundtrack. Whenever you hear a growl, draw the top card on the Zombie pile to find out how many zombies you must add to the board on the street section of the active player's tile. If you draw a Horde card, add all of the (very hungry!) zombies from the Horde box to that tile!

Each scenario features different objectives: running through the city, pursuing a target, holding a fortified place, searching for useful resources... If you complete the objectives before the soundtrack is over, all of the players win the game. If you fail, or if at any time all of the heroes are unconscious, you all lose the game!

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


Quote"Can you smell that partner?  That there is opportunity.  Now I know you must think my dough ain't cooked all the way through.  All you see is sagebrush and Jackrabbit droppings.  But I tell you what, you get yer brand out and start dropping some fences, you might just make a mark on this here land.  But I warn ya, don't double cross me, cause partner, This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us."

This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us is quick draw tile laying game.  Each tile is made up of Fences to stake out land, and Brands to determine who the top dog in each area will be.

On a player's turn they will draw and play a tile, adding it to the map however they like.  Players want to make sure that their brands are not alone, but also are not out numbered.  When a tile is played that completes a fenced in area players score points based on the next biggest brand in the enclosure.  Watch for silver bars, they go a long way to bribing those who might move a fence line in your favor. 

Another 'Pay What You Want' TMG Microgame. 25 tiles and a rulebook for the low low price of $3 (Recommended $5) per copy. Shipping included!

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


I'm seriously considering backing Fief - France 1429 on KS.  Has anyone else on here backed this?  Seems like a deep and interesting game.  5 days left.


QuoteFief is a highly interactive game of diplomacy, alliances, open chivalry and dastardly deceit! Perfect for 3 to 6 'friends' to spend a fun evening together.
The game board represents a portion of the Kingdom of France in the Middle Ages. Villages have square outlines that are connected by roads that allow Lord and Troop movement. The villages are grouped into eight colored background areas that represent individual Fiefs, which are domains given to Lords to preside over.

Each village also belongs to one of five church Bishoprics. Each Bishopric is outlined with a heavy border line and is numbered between 1-5 along the edge of the board inside a Bishop's Mitre. Each village is part of both a Fief and a Bishopric. Each player controls up to four family members, comprised of male and female nobles. These family members will rise in power by gaining Royal and Ecclesiastic Titles. 

In 'Fief - France 1429', a player may attempt to gain control of all the villages in a Fief to gain the Royal Title of Baron, Earl or Duke. For each Fief a player controls, he gains 1VP. These Titled Lords may now take part in the election for the next King. They may even be a candidate to become King, thus bringing 1VP and more power to the family! Other members of your family may follow the calling of the Church to gain the Ecclesiastical Titles of Bishop and then Cardinal. These titles allow you to Tithe Bishoprics, taking the Church's (in this case 'YOUR') fair share of income from other Fief Lords! The highest goal your clerical family member can attain is to be elected Pope, bringing 1VP and special privileges to your family!

You win the game as soon as you have 3VPs. This is easier said than done and you may need to form alliances with other players through diplomacy and marriage to obtain your goal. When one of your family members marries a noble of another family, the two of you become allied. You now win the game together with 4VPs and cannot win alone, unless your marriage is annulled by the Pope or your spouse is 'mysteriously' murdered or dies of some other foul means!

In addition to being wary of your fellow players, you may draw event cards that can quickly change your destiny. Bounty Event cards are beneficial to the Player and include 'Good Harvest', 'Good Weather' and 'Added Taxes' cards. But some cards are Disaster Cards that can randomly effect all players in specific Bishoprics. These include 'The Plague', 'Heavy Rain', 'Famine', and 'Peasant Uprisings'!

Income can be increased by players imposing church tithes on their opponent's villages or taxing their own Fiefs. Players may purchase new Fief titles, improve their village incomes with mills, and fortify their cities. Players will also need to protect their land and castles. Men at Arms and Knights can be purchased, as well as Siege Engines.  If you feel that other players are not running their Fiefs as well as you can, you may try to invade their territories! But you must risk one of your family members to lead the troops into possible battle, where they might be killed or taken prisoner. If two opposing armies are in the same village square, a Battle may be initiated. The players assess the size and strength of their armies, which determine the number of Battle Dice each may roll. Each 'f' rolled is a hit. Men at Arms are defeated with one hit, while Knights require three hits to be removed from the battle.

Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List