Prairie Game eXpo – Core Ritchie Community Centre - Sat., Jan. 25, 2014

Started by ChadBoudreau, December 16, 2013, 06:43:38 AM

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It was an absolute pleasure to attend and I'm really looking forward to the next one.  Thanks to Dana, Chad and anyone else that had a hand in the efforts.  It was very well run and organized and I must also say the food, and choices, were excellent - truly no reason to go anywhere else.

  The venue was great and what a nice problem to have that space may be an issue in future events!

  It's funny, I talk to the CJME fellow for 5 minutes and those are the quotes he pulls.  ::) :D


Thanks to all the organizers for such a great event, and thanks to those who played Spectrum!  Highlights of the game were:

Dyson's Pirate found himself in an ancient Egyptian battlefield.  He tried posing as a messenger from the god Anubis, but was captured by Egyptian warriors who were going to sacrifice him, to send him back to Anubis.  The Pirate escaped from his captors, and Bent Time so that a future version of himself was posing as the high priest of Anubis.  The future-version of the Pirate helped his past self escape, but once they were safely out into the desert, the Paradox caught up with them.  The future version of the Pirate was destroyed, leaving the past version free, but knowing that he would eventually be destroyed by Paradox while rescuing himself.

Ashley's Kid was camped out behind a truck-stop in 2008 when she heared a gun shot out front. She Bends Time to find a remote-control car with a mounted camera, and sends it to investigate. Through the camera she sees that a time bandit has just shot a trucker. The trucker is bleeding out, and the time bandit is driving away. The Kid Bends time again to find a robot double of the trucker, and time jumps back to yesterday. She hides in the other end of the alley, so her earlier self won't see her, and spends the day building the camera car and planting it for herself to find. She tries to save the trucker by switching him with the robot before he gets shot, but when she's talking to the trucker she draws a Black Joker (worst possible outcome). The time bandit shows up, and since the Kid is in the way, he shoots her. We end the session with the Kid laying bleeding by the highway.

The Bend for the remote-control car was resolved by the end of the session, but the Bend for the robot double wasn't, so it causes Paradox. Sophisticated robots are now invented in 2008, years before they were supposed to be.

Both characters started out with pretty simple problems, but trying to solve their problems with time travel only created more complicated problems.  If those sorts of stories sound fun to you, join me for Spectrum at the next PGX!


I also want to thank Chad And Dana for all their input and all those who also did their parts. I am so glad I could make it and it was awesome to learn so much Feld even if it was all in one day. Also, good to meet and play with some new faces.

I hope to be able to show up for the next one as well and maybe next time with my daughter.

Bix Conners

Any volunteer(s) that would like to write up a recap about the event for the February edition of the SaskGaes News Bulletin?

*hint hint*
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