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For sale in Regina $650

The holy grail of Catan for a serious collector. The original 3D collectors edition limited to 5000 copies only. I purchased this from Tramps in Regina many moons ago. Box is dinged up but hardwood chest and game parts are near mint. Game was played only a handfull of times over the years.

Game is located in Regina.

From BoardGame Geek
"To commemorate this momentous and joyous event, a special edition is being created. The special edition encompasses Settlers of Catan and Cities and Knights for 3-4 players. This edition features three-dimensional hand painted tiles made of dense heavy weight resin and a complete interlocking border. Each player gets a set of hand-painted settlements, cities, metropoli, city walls, knights, and roads. The special hardwood case is designed to keep your set safe and will feature a special slotted level with felt lined slots to hold each hex. A wooden tray holds pieces for play and storage"

This link has more infomation

Marketplace / Selling Memoir 44' Collection
March 02, 2023, 05:21:52 PM
You can find pictures on Varage Sale or Facebook Market Place.

Selling a collection of the minuature board game Memoir 44'. This was my dads and trying to figure out exactly what is in it. He also has some laiminated extra stuff, plus could be more expansions than I list here. Base game was played alot but the expansions are pretty much new.

Base board game
Air Pack mightier yet! (Very rare)
Eastern Front
Pacific Theater
Terrain Pack
Half Tracks
Tigers in the snow? (6 tanks)
Winter/desert maps
Operation Overlord maps?
Has a deck of extra cards, not sure from what expansion.

Selling as a lot only unless you make a very high offer for single expansions.

Pickup Regent Park area Regina.