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For anyone in Regina who is interested, I'm looking to host semi-regular game sessions of the social deduction game "Blood on the Clocktower".  This would be a public event, not unlike Meeple Monday, and I'm inviting all local gamers who may be interested. 

I've created a public "Blood on the Clocktower - Regina" Facebook page you can join where I will post information and where people can register to play, as space is limited. Link:

If you are interested and have issues finding or accessing the page, send me a DM. Otherwise, like and follow the page for information related to game sessions and booking seats. 

You may also see a private group I created with the same name but this is in case the "page" format doesn't work as intended.

For now we will be hosting games at The Owl, which is an all ages venue during regular hours.

Let me know if there are any questions, and hopefully I will see some of you there!