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Started by necromancer, June 03, 2016, 07:34:43 AM

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Hello all, I am brand new to this site and I am looking for a group of mature MTG Commander players to meet weekly and have some fun. My name is Gary, username necromancer, and I am located in Regina. Feel free to call me at 450-7575 anytime or email me at Hope to hear from you soon!



Hi Lori, I am in Regina. I have edited my post to include this. Thanks


Hi Gary,

Both Comic Readers and Tramps run magic events in Regina and I am sure if you attended them, you would find plenty of people willing to play Commander.

If you are looking to advertise that you are looking for individuals interested in Commander, posting here to Game Discussion (Forum > Welcome > Game Discussion) is a great way to find players.

Another option is the post and look for players at our regular events like Chewsday Challenge at the North Albert Boston Pizza and Games on Tap at O'Hanlons Irish Pub downtown. You'd definitely find players!

I hope this is helpful!

Here is my collection, trades, and wishlist on bgg if something should peak your interest!


Thankyou for the reply, I will be going to ComicReaders this Wednesday for some casual commander. Keep on brewing   :)